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Mattress Steam Cleaning


Your mattress is one of the highest used items in your home, it’s used daily for multiple hours at a time but yet it hardly ever gets cleaned. We change our sheets but how often do you vacuum your mattress and how often have you had your mattress steam cleaned.

Why should I have my mattress steam cleaned? This is a question that is asked of us all the time. The simple answer is you sleep on it daily, you wash your clothes after wearing them so why not the mattress after sleeping on it.

What is in my mattress? Many things live and breed inside your mattress from bacteria and germs to fungi dust and allergens. Not only can your mattress contain the previous items but dust mites and there excrement as well as dead skin flakes can fill your mattress.


Of course there is a multitude of other reason to have your mattress steam cleaned. Some of the reasons are:

  • Urine Stains: If you have a toilet training toddler chances are you have had a few accidents during the night. Leaving Urine stains untreated can cause bacteria to grow and increasing the odour until it is completely removed
  • Sweat Stains: We all know that one person that seems to sweat a lot on the hot summer’s nights, spare a thought for your mattress. As your body sweats your sheets and clothes soak up most of the moisture but some traces make it into your mattress leaving yellowing and brown marks behind.
  • Blood Stains: For many reasons you can have blood on your mattress. Removing blood from a mattress can be a simple process but not one that can be easily done yourself.
  • Health Reasons: A dirty mattress can increase the effects of Asthma, Eczema and other Allergies. You would not sleep on a dirt floor would you so why sleep on a dirty mattress.
  • Bed Bugs: While this is not a common issue it still can be an issue for some. Mess Be Gone can clean and treat your mattress to remove any traces of bed bugs.

There are many other reasons why you should clean your mattress regularly, but regular cleaning alone is not all that is required.

To extend the life of your mattress and help with a better night’s sleep we recommend that you vacuum your mattress often, the next time you change your sheets give your mattress a good vacuum you will be surprised what you can remove.

Our Mattress Cleaning Procedure.


  1. Inspection: We feel this is the most important part of your mattress cleaning, what we are looking for are signs of stains and marks the type and materials used in the construction as well as any damage that the mattress may have.
  2. Vacuuming: To effectively clean your mattress it is important to first vacuum it. Vacuuming your mattress aids in the removal of dust, skin flakes and dirt as well as other solid matters
  3. Pre-Treatment: This is the process of applying specialised products to aid in the breakdown of dirt and stains.
  4. Agitation: This step is where with the use of equipment we work the stubborn area’s to ensure effective cleaning.
  5. Extraction: This is the most important step in the process. This is where the use of our specialised upholstery cleaning equipment shines. With the use of Clean Hot water and powerful vacuum; we rinse and extract the detergents and dirt.  After the initial cleaning process we give it a second extraction to speed up the drying process.

Ask yourself, when was my mattress last cleaned. If the answer to this question is Never then Call Us Today to book in to have your mattress steam cleaned. We recommend that all mattresses be steam cleaned every 6 months to ensure longer life and better health.