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Urine Stains


Do you have a naughty puppy, or maybe your cat has made a mess on your carpets. Pet Urine is a common issue that we at Mess Be Gone Carpets & Pest come across often. Not only can it be your pet’s maybe a toilet training toddler has had a little accident, maybe your elderly family member or just a relative with a medical issue. Don’t trust the removal of urine spots to just any carpet cleaner, without the proper understanding of how urine reacts to the environment and the right products just cleaning the tops of your carpets can make your problems worse.

What makes urine such a hard problem to deal with in your carpet? Well to understand the problems with removing the urine we first need to understand how urine acts when it lands in your carpets. First Urine starts as an acidic liquid, what this means is when urine hits the carpets it may cause the fibers to burn, this can cause a brown or yellowing marks, the cause of this is from the uric acid and unfortunately if irreversible.

As urine decomposes it changes in ph into what is known as Alkaline Crystals, this is partly what causes the urine smell to intensify due to the reaction with the ammonia being created. As the crystals form they attract moisture from the surrounding environment. As a direct result the crystals become swollen and burst releasing more ammonia and in turn a higher level of odour. These is why on humid days or after a surface cleaning you are more likely to notice the urine odours.

At this point it is important to understand that the visible urine spot on the surface of the carpet is noticeably smaller than the actual urine contamination. As the urine soaks into your carpets it is absorbed by the underlay and spreads out sometimes 2 to 3 times the size of the surface stain.

What this means for your carpet is in extreme situations the carpet may need to be lifted and the underlay beneath to be replaced. Not only will the urine be in your underlay but in most cases can soak into the floor beneath.

With correct understating of how pet urine in carpets work we can now work on the best solution for this issue.

First we carry out an inspection with a UV Light, Yes that groovy light from discos past. What this lets us know is the exact location of the pet urine. When exposed to a UV light certain substances glow in specific colours.

Once we have determined the exact location of the urine contamination we move onto a moisture test. The use of a moisture meter means we can determine the exact size of the urine in the carpet and the underlay beneath.

If it is a severe case of urine in the carpet we may recommend the underlay be replaced and the subfloor treated and sealed, in the event that this is not required we move onto the next step in the process of removal of urine in carpets.

The next step can be the most important step and cannot be rushed. With the use of specially designed enzymes we apply them directly to the affected areas. Enzymes are created with the sole purpose of breaking down the bonds of the urine crystals to facilitate complete and total destruction and removal of the urine and bacteria.

Once the enzymes have had time to destroy the urine we need to flush the carpets and underlay to remove and last traces of the product and urine. During this process the use of further products may be required to aid in the full removal of the pet urine.

After we have removed all traces from your carpets it is important to balance the ph levels in your carpets once again. As urine crystals are an alkaline we must use a mildly acidic products specially designed for your carpets to bring a happy balance back to your carpets. What this means is your carpets once dry feel soft and fluffy with no lingering chemicals.

With this specially designed process we are able to remove over 90% of pet urine stains in carpets. Unfortunately in some cases of severe urine we are unable to remove all traces and highly recommend replacement of underlays and treatments of subfloors.

Don’t just trust any old carpet cleaner to remove urine from your carpets, ensure you call us today to book a free onsite quote to determine the best treatment today.